Capsule Sensing Pressure Gauge

The sensing element of a capsule pressure gauge consists of two corrugated diaphragms welded together at their periphery to form a capsule.

The pressure to be measured is introduced into the capsule via an opening in the centre of the first diaphragm. The centre of the second diaphragm is connected to the transmission mechanism so that the deflection of the measuring element can be transmitted to the pointer.

When the pressure rises inside the capsule, both diaphragms will slightly deform. By making use of two diaphragms, the total deflection of the measuring element is twice as large.

For the measurement of very small pressure differences, the deflection of a single capsule may be too small. Therefore, multiple capsules can be stacked on top of each other until sufficient displacement is obtained to move the pointer across the full scale. These stacks can be built with either convex or nested diaphragms.

At Goa Thermostatic Pressure gauge division, we manufacture capsule Pressure gauges which can measure a range as low as 0/10mBar or 0/100mmWc.

Refer TABLES for ranges available, connection types and the various options available with the supply of Temperature gauges.

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  • "All Stainless Steel" socket welded to case construction.
  • Weather-proof casing to IP:65, IS:13947.
  • Shatter-proof glass as a standard.
  • Zero re-set screw provided on dial.
  • Blow out disc at the rear of the case.
Scope of supply : PG 101 Series Capsule sensing Pressure gauges, “Socket welded to case construction” with no external mounting screws.
Model Number (Typ) : PG 101 Series P-C-B-1-4-S4-S6Ti--S4-S4-0/250-3N-Op0.
Design : EN-837-1.
Case : SS304, Weather-proof to IP:65, IS:13947, bayonet bezel ring.
Dial Size : 150mm (6”), white background with black numerals.
Mounting : Bottom entry, local mounting.
Bourdon : Capsule in SS316 with integral movement.
Socket : SS316.
Pointer : Aluminum, light weight, black anodized.
Window : Shatter-proof Glass.
Range : As shown against tag nos in mbar.
Overall inaccuracy : Within ± 1% FSD.
Overange protection : 120% FSD.
Zero re-set : Provided from front of the gauge, by screw rotation.
Blow Out Disc : Neoprene rubber, provided at the back of the case.
Connection to process : 3N…½”NPT(M), bottom ntry.
Option4 : Gauge saver, end connections ½”NPT(M)x(F).

*Please note the following parameters can be varied by referring to the model decoding sheet:
Model Number, Case material, Dial Size, Mounting, Bourdon and Socket Material, Range and unit of measurement required, Accuracy required , and the Connection to process.


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