Inert Gas Filled Temperature Gauge

An inert gas filled thermometer/ gas filled temperature gauge measures temperature by the variation in volume or pressure of a gas.

This thermometer functions by Charles's Law. Charles's Law states that when the temperature of a gas increases, so does the volume.

Using Charles's Law, the temperature can be measured by knowing the volume of gas at a certain temperature by using the formula, written below. Translating it to the correct levels of the device that is holding the gas. This works on the same principle as mercury thermometers (mercury filled temperature gauges).

Temperature Gauges Pressure Gauges Thermowells Thermostatic

T is the temperature.

V is the volume.

k is the constant for the system. k is not a fixed constant across all systems and therefore needs to be found experimentally for a given system through testing with known temperature values.

At Goa Thermostatic Instruments we manufacture Gas filled Dial Thermometers (Inert Gas Filled Temperature gauges) with or without Thermowells. These thermowells are manufactured in line with PTC19.3 in different grades of material for various applications like sea water applications, oil and gas applications.

Refer TABLES for ranges available, connection types and the various options available with the supply of Temperature gauges.

  • Inert Gas filled or Mercury filled thermometers.
  • "All Stainless Steel" fully welded construction.
  • Case compensation to SAMA Class VB.
  • Weather-proof casing to IP:66, IS:13947.
  • Toughened glass standard, shatter-proof glass optional
  • Micro-gear pointer for zero re-set.
  • Dry and Filled versions.
  • Designed to assemble with existing thermowells.
Scope of supply : TG 110 Series Mercury in steel / Gas filled Temperature gauges with adjustable connector.
Model Number (Typ) : TG 110 Series M-D-R-1-4-S4-S6-06-xx-xx-0/150-1B-A-E=153-Op0
TG 110 Series G-D-R-1-4-S4-S6-06-xx-xx-0/150-1B-A-E=153-Op0
Case : SS304, Weather-proof to IP:65, IS:13947, bayonet lock bezel ring.
Dial Size : 100mm (4”), white background with black numerals.
Mounting : Rear entry (Off-centre), local mounting.
Pointer : Micro-gear adjustment type for zero re-set.
Window : Toughened Glass.
Stem/Bulb : 6mm dia in SS316.
Bourdon : SS316.
Movement : SS304.
Range : As shown below in °C.
Overall inaccuracy : Within ± 1% FSD.
Over range protection : 130% FSD.
Zero re-set   : Provided at the back of case, by screw rotation.
Connection to process   : 1B…½”BSP(M), adjustable connector in SS304.
Stem insertion length : Emm as shown below.


1)These assemblies can be used for pump discharge applications.

*Please note the following parameters can be varied by referring to the model decoding sheet:
Model Number, Case material, Dial Size, Mounting, Stem diameter and insertion length, Range and unit of measurement required, Accuracy required , and the Connection to process.


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